The information received is masked by “X” when the system cannot match the data provided by the applicant with the data on the credit card. These “X”’s are used to prevent unauthorized access to confidential data.

In order to access the results of the credit report, you must confirm with the applicant the information that appears on their file. To access this information, click on the “Request” hyperlink that appears when accessing the credit report. Several pieces of information will then appear, classified into two categories: “Information sent” and “Information received”. The first is the information that your applicant has provided, and the second is the information that appears on his or her credit report.

The second category is the information on the applicant’s credit report, which may include a home address that the applicant did not provide, a date of birth, or a name. Once this information is confirmed, you can call your regional CORPIQ office to view the credit report in detail.
Note that by providing your applicant’s SIN, you reduce the risk of mistakes.

informations reçues sont masquées

Here is an example of a report where the information has been masked. By validating the information provided on the credit report with our teams, you will be able to display the data currently replaced by “X”

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