Delegates are people to whom the main CORPIQ member gives access to our services. This allows them to better distribute the tasks of each person and offers them greater flexibility in the management of their rental properties.

The delegates can:

– Contact CORPIQ’s advisors and lawyers;

– Obtain a separate membership card offering them all the advantages of the holder;

– Access all of CORPIQ’s tools (ProprioEnquête®, Kangalou®, Pronotif® and many more);

– Download all the documents and forms available on our site.

However, the holder of the account will always be the only one allowed to manage the access of all the delegates. He/she will also be the only one who can activate certain services and will remain responsible for the activity related to his/her account.

If you authorize a delegate to use ProprioEnquête®, he/she will only have access to the screenings he/she has conducted. Your activity will not be accessible to them, but you will be able to look at theirs.

To add a delegate, contact us by email at or by phone at 514-748-1921. Please note that you are entitled to a second free membership card, subsequent cards will be charged at $10 per card.

Other questions

How to Add a Delegate?

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