With the ProprioLocation electronic rental application, no more paper forms to print, no more handwritten signatures and no more manual data entry of your tenant candidates’ personal information.

In a few simple steps, you can more efficiently collect the essential information of your candidates as well as their rental and employment references. Thanks to this innovative technology, the data provided by your tenant candidate is available in your ProprioEnquête® account to obtain your candidate’s pre-rental screening reliably and in record time.

Are you showing a promising candidate a unit?

Fill out the candidate’s information with a tablet, computer, phone or send it by email to be filled out later.

This way, you’ll avoid illegible handwriting, errors and delays. Put the odds in your favor by making sure you have the right information about your candidate and make the right decision. In addition to the credit report, learn more about your future tenants by choosing the screening packages with the following options

  • Record check at the Administrative Housing Tribunal (formerly the Régie du logement)
  • Civil Record Check
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Rental references
  • Confirmation of employment

To learn more about the electronic rental application, a free tool developed by CORPIQ for rental unit owners, and to enter your prospective tenants’ information online before conducting your pre-rental survey: visit propriolocation.com

Make sure you are renting to the right tenant by accessing the #1 pre-rental screening tool in Quebec: visit proprioenquete.com

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